since 1990, a Franco-American educational, scientific, and cultural exchange for architects specializing in historic preservation

The Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship is awarded annually to an architect, potential leader in the field, alternatively  French or American.

This prestigious $25,000 award offers motivated architects an opportunity to travel for six months divided in 2 or 3 periods in the United States or in France, in a total immersion, for research and study of the approach to preservation, philosophical, historic as well as technical, in the other’s country, including comparisons of codes and regulations as well as of professional training.

"A Franco-American Label"

In 1990, a partnership was formed between the American Architecture Foundation (AAF) and the French Heritage Society (FHS) and through the efforts of Michèle le Menestrel Ullrich, FHS Founding President, and Norman Koonce, AAF President, the Richard Morris Hunt Fellowship (RMHF) was established.

The RMHF stemmed from the logic both coherence and continuity: FHS, founded in 1982, is an organization dedicated to the preservation of historic heritage enriched by common action on both sides of the Atlantic. Its purview had to be extended to the actors of preservation, to architects, craftsmen and other restoration specialists. AAF’s desire to create a cooperative program gave the impetus to launch the fellowship program.